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    Quality Healthcare. Affordable Airfare. Worthy Partnership for You!   Medical procedure USA Costa Rica Colombia India Jordan S. Korea Mexico Israel Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Poland Singapore Turkey Heart Bypass $123,000 $27,000 $14,800 $5,500 $14,400 $26,000 $27,000 $28,000 $15,000 $12,100 $14,000 $17,200 $13,900 Angioplasty $28,200 $13,800 $7,100 $ 4000 $5,000 $17,700 $10,400 $7,500 $4,200 $8,000 $5,300

Medical Tourism In India

High Quality, Affordable Medical Care in India

  • World-class healthcare services at your convenience.
  • Simple and easy visa procurement for patients.
  • Cost-effective and affordable medical treatment and care.
  • Relatively economical pricing regime (globally compared).
  • Advanced medical facilities and personalized health care.
  • Care from highly skilled physicians and surgeons.
  • Consultation and treatment from highly experienced doctors.

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